"This letter is meant as a testimonial to the outstanding counseling skills of Axelle L'Amie. Having been her client for several months, I was impressed by her professional demeanor, sensitive communication, and insightful strategies. Under Axelle L'Amie's guidance, not only was my emotional equilibrium re-established, but my self-esteem and outlook on life were greatly improved. I found her to be an excellent listener with great recall as well as being a firm but fair taskmaster in her expectations of my progress. With all things considered, I would proudly and with great assurance recommend Axelle to anyone needing a guide in their attempt to center their life and move through a challenging situation"
B. M. (Indiana, USA) 

"Axelle listened to me and offered appropriate, insightful advice. She genuinely cared about my welfare. I felt comfortable and safe. It was easy to put my trust in her. I am not exaggerating when I write that Axelle helped save my life. I’m convinced that everyone can benefit from counseling. It really works."
J. L. (Indiana, USA)

"I had heard much about coaching and was keen to try it out to see if it would help me get through a really messy divorce. The process of discovering exactly what I wanted and why it was important to me was invaluable."
R.M-  (London, G-B)

"Axelle is an amazing coach! I saw significant improvements in all aspects of my life in only a short period of time. She was able to help me overcome my obstacles and open my eyes to all exciting possibilities in front of me."
S.M -  (Huddersfield, G-B) 

"I wasn’t born shy. As a child I was only as shy as other children, hiding behind the safety of my mum’s legs at children’s parties. But as I grew up my shyness enveloped me. I became so shy I wouldn’t ask for a bill in a restaurant or ask someone for the time in the street. At a point I was so shy that it held me back from meeting new people, and after a big move, I spent my first year and a half at home, alone, living out the life of a hermit. All for the fear of rejection of others. To some I came across as distant and uninterested, but I wasn’t. I longed for friendships but my shyness held me back. Until that is I found Axelle. I contacted her after picking up her leaflet. I had it for about a month before I plucked up the courage to give her an email. I explained that I was changing career and wanted to change my persona to fit it. After all as a personal trainer I wasn’t going to pick up clients if I couldn’t talk to them! After the first few sessions we found out that I wasn’t unconfident in my abilities but it was my shyness that was hanging over me like a big black fog, clouding all my thoughts and actions. In one of my sessions I broke down into tears, I was sick of this shyness and determined to beat it more than ever now. So we began. Axelle set me tasks to do in my free time to push myself out my comfort zone, but slowly enough to not scare me away. Her empathy for me was clear and it got to the stage that I looked forward to seeing her and getting my next challenge. It was like seeing a friend every week. And it was working! From beginning to end Axelle has been fantastic. From being a hermit, tucked away in my own shy world, Axelle has removed my shell and now, although I have nowhere to hide, my skin has become thicker and the things that used to terrify me I tackle head on. After all who wants to live in a shell when there’s so much to see? If I hadn’t found Axelle I can guarantee I would have stayed in my shell all my life, it took one small email to change my life. I can’t speak highly enough of Axelle and her incredible work.
Thank you for helping me get my life back Axelle."
J.R –  (Huddersfield, G-B)

"It felt great to have someone listen without passing judgement on what I was saying. I felt really comfortable discussing some sensitive relationship topics that had been bothering me for a while. After a few sessions I felt like I was becoming a new person. It as though the process makes something click inside you"
S.J - (Manchester, G-B)

"Thank you so much Axelle for all your support and encouragement. You have helped me in so many more ways that I could have possibly imagine"
A.A- (London, G-B)

"Axelle has been fantastic for my daughter, giving her the confidence she needed to pursue her goals and dreams. Thank you so much for giving our daughter back"
J.A- (Leeds)

"I'd just like to say a massive thank you to Axelle for being a fantastic life coach. Axelle helped me with a specific problem I was having which through some wonderful suggestions, techniques and processes is now well on its way to being solved. I cannot rate her professionalism and ability highly enough and would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody wanting to make changes in their life - no matter how big or small". 
K.S - (Denby Dale)

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